Anatomy from the Life Model


Combining the study of Anatomy with evening life drawing, students overlay skeletal and muscle constructions onto copies of their own figure drawings.  The skeleton is often posed beside the figure model during drawing sessions. 

Below are examples from a recent lecture.

Overlay of Skeleton and Muscles onto Student Life Drawing 

Overlay of Muscles onto Student Life Drawing

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Ornamental Painting

“From the classic point of view, the study of design is the most salutary discipline possible in this too naturalistic age.  If I could have my way in the training of young artists, I should insist upon their spending a good deal of time in the study and designing of pure ornament [so] that they might learn how independent fine design is of its content and how slight may be the connection between art and nature.”
– Kenyon Cox, ‘The Classic Point of View’


As part of the Master Class in Mural Painting, and as a continuation to our study of the History of Ornament, projects are now underway to copy selected masterworks from the history of art.  These exercises have been developed to familiarize advanced students with the special requirements of large scale decorative painting. 


Unique to modern atelier training, our focus on ornamental painting strengthens artistic hand-eye coordination while introducing design principles used in the construction of these great masterworks.

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Young Artist’s Program


The Mims Studios Young Artist’s Program concluded this past weekend after 12 weeks of intense drawing and painting each Saturday.  Images from this course are now online at

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