Metropolitan Museum Visit

On a recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jeffrey Mims met with long time artist friends Cheryl Wheat and Edward Schmidt, who helped found the NY Academy of Art in the 1980s.  It was during this period,  while Mims was living in Rome and Schmidt was at the American Academy, that they met.

Jeffrey Mims and Edward Schmidt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Schmidt discussing with Mims the Master Copy program at the Metropolitan Museum, which he developed for the New York Academy of Art.

A visit with Veronese in preparation for an upcoming lecture series on Venetian artists.

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Where to Study?

In the May 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, Mims Studios is featured in an article by Robert K. Carsten about choosing art schools.  This article advises prospective students to select an environment where they can learn most readily, and consider what options are available.  The point is made with images included in the piece juxtaposing Mims Studios with two very different alternatives at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Cooper Union School (below).

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Daniele da Volterra at the Louvre

David and Goliath on display at the Louvre; image by D. Rykner

David and Goliath on display at the Louvre; image by R. Rykner 

“The Louvre has put up for display in the Grande Galerie the David and Goliath painted by Daniele da Volterra, a Tuscan artist of the sixteenth century, close friend and follower of Michelangelo. After a long restoration, the painting has returned to the museum, but instead of hanging on a wall, has been placed at the very center of the gallery.

David and Goliath (front) by Volterra; the Louvre

“The reason is that it is a rare case of a picture painted on both sides, representing the same composition from two different angles. The work is thus an illustration of the famous paragone, an intellectual debate in which painting and sculpture each claimed to represent reality. To better present his case, Da Volterra opted for this unusual format which allowed him to show more volumes than on only one surface.”

David and Goliath (back) by Volterra; The Louvre

Excerpt from The Art Tribune article Daniele da Volterra Redisplayed at the Louvre.

Drawing studies for David and Goliath by da Volterra also in the Louvre collection:

Drawing study for David and Goliath by Da Volterra; the Louvre

Drawing Study for David and Goliath (back) by da Volterra; the Louvre

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The Art of Boston


Recently, students from Mims Studios traveled to Boston for a three-day study tour of some of the greatest artistic traditions this country has produced.  In preparation for this trip, our weekly lecture series this fall was focused on the Boston Painters.  

The Blue Cup by Joseph DeCamp

Beginning with John Singleton Copley, and moving through history to the founders of the Guild of Boston Artists, these lectures link the History of the Academy series with the artists of our own country and created the perfect conclusion to our spring trip to Paris.


The trip was not without a close look at ornament throughout the city, ranging from the classical moldings of the Boston Public Library, to the Romanesque and Venetian details at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum.


Frank Strazzulla leads Mims Studios students through Boston Public Library

Mims Studios students study Sargent’s murals

Mims Studios Students with Jeffrey Mims and Frank Strazzulla at the MFA


Frank Strazzulla with Students under the Sargent Murals at the MFA

Students were joined by painter Frank Strazzulla, Jr. who was kind enough to host our group at his solo exhibition at the Boston Guild, the first of many stops.  He and Jeffrey Mims led a joint tour through the Boston Public Library and several museums, with a focus on the Boston Artists and their influences.  

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

Among the many highlights from this trip was an informative comparison of the Sargent and Puvis de Chavannes murals with those in the Walker Memorial Building at MIT by Edwin H. Blashfield.  Designed on the unusual theme of Alma Mater, these works demonstrate an almost unparalleled mastery and brevity of touch executed by Blashfield when he was well into his nineties, and bear witness to an artistic reputation ripe for a revival.

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Fall Trip to Boston

Boston Public Library exterior sculpture of Science by Bela Pratt

This October, Jeffrey Mims and Frank Strazzulla will lead a special tour of the art and architecture of Boston, including the Boston Public Library, the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts.  In keeping with our study of mural painting and ornament, special focus will be given to the murals of John Singer Sargent as well as those by Puvis de Chavannes, Edwin Austin Abbey, and the ornamentation of Trinity Church.

Interior of Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum

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Young Artist’s Summer Course


After the success of our Young Artist’s Program, Mims Studios is now offering 2 one-month summer sessions for students ages 11 through 18.  Patterned after the full time curriculum, the Young Artist’s Summer Course will be held three days each week.  Students will be critiqued individually and are invited to attend the weekly lectures. 

Session I:  June 11 – July 6
Session II: July 9 – August 10
Tuition for each session is $600.  Students may sign up for either or both sessions. 

For more information about either the regular Summer Program or the Young Artist’s Summer Course, please contact Abigail Dowd at

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2007 Summer Program


A few spaces are still available for the 2007 Summer Program.  The dates for this year’s program are June 11 through August 11.  Summer students will be able to observe the work of full time advanced students, and attend weekly illustrated lectures every week, as well as evening life classes.  For more information and applications visit:

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Trip to Paris


Students from Mims Studios School of Fine Art have recently returned from a 10 day trip to Paris, France, where they were joined by several former students now living in Europe.  In connection with the study of the French Academy and the History of Ornament, this visit included tours by director Jeffrey Mims through selected galleries at the Louvre, as well as evening drawing sessions from museum masterpieces Landmarks such as the Pantheon, the Opera and a few hidden treasures tucked away in the quiet splendor of France’s greatest churches served to illustrate lessons in history, architecture, and painting.  
To see more images from this trip visit:

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