Exhibition: Poussin and Nature: Arcadian Visions

Poussin, Landscape with Diogenes 

 “This is the first exhibition to examine the landscapes of this great painter. It brings together about 40 paintings, ranging from his early, lyrical, Venetian-inspired pastorals to his grandly structured and austere works in which the artist meditated upon Nature, its transformations and its renewals. An equal number of drawings are on view, the most luminous of which were done en plein air.”

For more information visit the Exhibition Webpage.

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Exhibition: Michelangelo, Vasari, and Their Contemporaries


“Seventy-nine masterpieces of Renaissance drawing, including a number of rarely seen works, are on view in a new exhibition at The Morgan Library & Museum entitled, Michelangelo, Vasari, and Their Contemporaries: Drawings from the Uffizi. The show focuses on artists who worked on the frescoes, paintings, tapestries, and other decorative work that embellished the magnificent Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, best known as the home of the Medici dukes. Included in the show are sheets by Michelangelo, Pontormo, and Vasari, as well as mannerists such as Bronzino and Allori.”

For more information visit The Morgan Library & Museum online or view images from the show at NYTimes.com

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Announcing The Zuccaro Scholarship


In January 2008, Mims Studios introduces a tuition scholarship to be awarded each year for the study of classical drawing and painting.  

After Michelangelo and Raphael, the Art of Renaissance Rome was perhaps best defined by the work of two brothers Taddeo and Federico Zuccaro.  Not only were they among the most highly sought after artists of their generation, they were also a major influence behind the creation of the first art academies in Europe.  Through early struggles of their own, the Zuccaro brothers developed a particular interest in the training and wellbeing of other young artists who had come to Rome to study art. 

It is in this spirit that Mims Studios has established the Zuccaro Scholarship – a tuition scholarship of $8,000 to assist in the education of aspiring artists who are in need of financial assistance and intent on learning through our program. 

For scholarship application and more information visit
The Zuccaro Scholarship webpage

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Daniele da Volterra at the Louvre

David and Goliath on display at the Louvre; image by D. Rykner

David and Goliath on display at the Louvre; image by R. Rykner 

“The Louvre has put up for display in the Grande Galerie the David and Goliath painted by Daniele da Volterra, a Tuscan artist of the sixteenth century, close friend and follower of Michelangelo. After a long restoration, the painting has returned to the museum, but instead of hanging on a wall, has been placed at the very center of the gallery.

David and Goliath (front) by Volterra; the Louvre

“The reason is that it is a rare case of a picture painted on both sides, representing the same composition from two different angles. The work is thus an illustration of the famous paragone, an intellectual debate in which painting and sculpture each claimed to represent reality. To better present his case, Da Volterra opted for this unusual format which allowed him to show more volumes than on only one surface.”

David and Goliath (back) by Volterra; The Louvre

Excerpt from The Art Tribune article Daniele da Volterra Redisplayed at the Louvre.

Drawing studies for David and Goliath by da Volterra also in the Louvre collection:

Drawing study for David and Goliath by Da Volterra; the Louvre

Drawing Study for David and Goliath (back) by da Volterra; the Louvre

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The Art of Boston


Recently, students from Mims Studios traveled to Boston for a three-day study tour of some of the greatest artistic traditions this country has produced.  In preparation for this trip, our weekly lecture series this fall was focused on the Boston Painters.  

The Blue Cup by Joseph DeCamp

Beginning with John Singleton Copley, and moving through history to the founders of the Guild of Boston Artists, these lectures link the History of the Academy series with the artists of our own country and created the perfect conclusion to our spring trip to Paris.


The trip was not without a close look at ornament throughout the city, ranging from the classical moldings of the Boston Public Library, to the Romanesque and Venetian details at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum.


Frank Strazzulla leads Mims Studios students through Boston Public Library

Mims Studios students study Sargent’s murals

Mims Studios Students with Jeffrey Mims and Frank Strazzulla at the MFA


Frank Strazzulla with Students under the Sargent Murals at the MFA

Students were joined by painter Frank Strazzulla, Jr. who was kind enough to host our group at his solo exhibition at the Boston Guild, the first of many stops.  He and Jeffrey Mims led a joint tour through the Boston Public Library and several museums, with a focus on the Boston Artists and their influences.  

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

detail of MIT Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield

Among the many highlights from this trip was an informative comparison of the Sargent and Puvis de Chavannes murals with those in the Walker Memorial Building at MIT by Edwin H. Blashfield.  Designed on the unusual theme of Alma Mater, these works demonstrate an almost unparalleled mastery and brevity of touch executed by Blashfield when he was well into his nineties, and bear witness to an artistic reputation ripe for a revival.

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Paul Brown Exhibition in London

Still Life Painting by Paul Brown

From October 3 – 26, new work by artist Paul Brown will be exhibited at W. H. Patterson Gallery in London.  Brown, a former student of D. Jeffrey Mims, has also taught at the Florence Academy of Art and now lives and maintains a studio in London, England. 

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Fall Exhibitions: Frank Strazzulla and Kamille Corry


This October, the Guild of Boston Artists will present a solo exhibition of paintings by Frank Strazzulla.  Students from Mims Studios will be joined by the artist in Boston for a tour of the city’s museums and public library.  More information about this trip will be posted soon.


Also this fall, an exhibition of works by Kamille Corry will open at Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston.  Click here to read Art Collector magazine’s 2006 article about Kamille.

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Tapestry Galerie des Gobelins Reopens


Timed to commemorate its founding by Henri IV 400 years ago, The Galerie des Gobelins  has reopened after a 35 year renovation. This tapestry gallery, located inside the Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins displays a time-line of tapestries, including a series created for Catherine de Medici in the early 1600s, as well as furnishings and other manufactured objects.

An inaugural exhibition, “Les Gobelins 1607-2007 / Revealed Treasures: Four Centuries of Creation” is now on view.

Tapestry by des Gobelins, after Poussin

For information about the Manufacture des Gobelins:

Réouverture de la Galerie des Gobelins
Qultures Weekly Magazine – Galerie des Gobelins
Royal Factories – The Royal Tapestry Workshop
Tapestry Making in France

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Exhibition at the National Gallery


Private Treasures: Four Centuries of European Master Drawings is now on view at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC through September 16, 2007.  “Approximately 100 works from one of the most significant private collections of master drawings in the United States are presented for the first time,” and include works by Bernini, Boucher, Bronzino, Correggio, Delacroix, Fragonard, Friedrich, Greuze, and Ingres.  A selection of exhibited works are online here.

Also on view at the National Gallery beginning May 27th: Claude Loraine / The Painter as Draftsman: Drawings from the British Museum.  This exhibition features more than 100 works, and will be on view through August 12th. 

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Greek and Roman Galleries Reopen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis, ca. 300 B.C.  

The Hellenistic, Etruscan, and Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will reopen this month on April 20th, after a thirty year renovation.  Visit the gallery website for more information or see the New York Times Interactive Tour of the Gallery.

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