Guest Instructor Kamille Corry

Kamille - Monument Valley Utah
It is with a great sense of anticipation that Mims Studios welcomes painter and guest instructor Kamille Corry from Salt Lake City, Utah, to its Visiting Artists Program this Fall Quarter. Recognized for her mastery of the human figure, Ms. Corry will be conducting several special courses for students in the Cast Studio and demonstrating her extraordinary approach to classical training through selected projects at the Weymouth Studio. Plans for a public lecture are being arranged and will be announced later this summer.

Kamille Corry - figure
Kamille - figure detail 2
Kamille - studio interior

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  1. Beautiful!!! This painting is marvelous! The images posted here remind us of all that was good and noble, what was and what could be again, if we but dedicate ourselves to the serious study of art. I wish I could be with you all for Ms. Corry’s visit to the Mims Studios.

    William David Brown
    Wilmington, Delaware
    23 July 2009

  2. Amazing skin tones and volumes!
    The balance between “detail” and “impression” is terrific!

  3. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  4. I studied briefly with Kamille, and wished very much that I had been in a position to study with her for much longer. She has a very rare blend of extraordinary talent both as a painter and as an instructor.

  5. very good

  6. Ms. Corry’s work it seems at first glance as influenced by a “genre” type that is associated sometimes with Art Nouveau; which is both classical and decorative at the same time. And it is obvious too her debt to the Mims Academy Director D. Jeffery Mims.

    Ms. Corry’s “type” of painting seen above is of course seen demonstrated in the work of the great 19th Century and early 20th Century Art Nouveau innovator A. Mucha. He was a tremendous innovator of this motif…including mastering the classical figure painting of the 19th century along with the additional techniques of sculpture, jewelry, 19th Century Graphic Design, Illustration and last but not least his titanic Mural Series dedicated to the history of the Slavic people….

    Mr. Mucha could combine like Ms. Corry the two themes of decoration/design and immortal classical “Figure Painting”…the possible use of gold leaf to enhance a flat “design element” is typical too of the Art Nouveau era…which one might also make mention of the art of Gustaf Klimt…

    Hopefully one can begin to see that all students interested in this demanding art are in good hands under Mims Studios Director and of course the visiting lecture series of Ms. Corry….

    This type of discussion should be and is of extreme relevance for today’s forays into the art of the past and its relevance and application to Post-Modern American culture and education.

    All the best….

    Lee C. Shortridge

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