Study of Ornament

A significant focus of an artist’s education in the early academies was the study of ornament, with its basis of geometry and design.  The ablilty to understand and create ornamental design was believed to strengthen the intellect and imagination behind figurative work (the study of  nature).  In turn, it was believed that to master drawing from the figure would, among other things, enhance form and subtlety in the modeling of ornament and confirm the ability to conceptualize geometric solids in space.

The history of Art has been a shifting of emphasis between the two concepts, design and nature.

The images below are taken from a recent class project using examples from the lecture series on the history of Ornament and introduce a project which will be the subject of a future post.



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  1. Thank you for posting these important visual lessons.
    The images here bear witness to the importance of re-finding the visual survey lines of the finished ornamental design. “The Big Picture” is about UNITY. “The whole” is more than the sum total of its parts. The conceptualizing of the “big shapes”, and their relationship to each other, continue to comprise the foundation for understanding a design. The Mims Studios continues to advance the cause of finding our way home again. We who are about to draw salute you!

    William David Brown
    Wilmington, DE
    3 June 2009

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