Weekly Lecture – Anatomy of Hands

by Allesandro Allori

This week, lectures on Artistic Anatomy continue with a focus on the Anatomy of Hands.  As well as looking at the construction of the hand, examples from the history of art will emphasize the importance of balancing “what you see” with “what you know,” and comparisons will be made between old masters and contemporary artists. 

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Fall Exhibitions: Frank Strazzulla and Kamille Corry


This October, the Guild of Boston Artists will present a solo exhibition of paintings by Frank Strazzulla.  Students from Mims Studios will be joined by the artist in Boston for a tour of the city’s museums and public library.  More information about this trip will be posted soon.


Also this fall, an exhibition of works by Kamille Corry will open at Ann Long Fine Art in Charleston.  Click here to read Art Collector magazine’s 2006 article about Kamille.

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