Tapestry Galerie des Gobelins Reopens


Timed to commemorate its founding by Henri IV 400 years ago, The Galerie des Gobelins  has reopened after a 35 year renovation. This tapestry gallery, located inside the Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins displays a time-line of tapestries, including a series created for Catherine de Medici in the early 1600s, as well as furnishings and other manufactured objects.

An inaugural exhibition, “Les Gobelins 1607-2007 / Revealed Treasures: Four Centuries of Creation” is now on view.

Tapestry by des Gobelins, after Poussin

For information about the Manufacture des Gobelins:

Réouverture de la Galerie des Gobelins
Qultures Weekly Magazine – Galerie des Gobelins
Royal Factories – The Royal Tapestry Workshop
Tapestry Making in France

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James Beck, founder of ArtWatch International, has died

Below is an excerpt from the NY Times Article ‘James Beck, 77, Art Scholar and Critic of Conservation is Dead‘ by Holland Cotter

professor_james_bec_171392a.jpgNEW YORK – James Beck, a Columbia University art historian who became well known as a critic of what he viewed as the ruinous conservation of world masterpieces, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling, died Saturday in Manhattan. He was 77…

…It was the extensive restoration of the Sistine Chapel frescos, begun in 1980, that initiated his vigorous critique of conservation in the art historical field.

He argued that the Michelangelo frescos were being drastically overcleaned – a process that not only erased some of the subtle volumetric painting, he contended, but also exposed the entire surface to modern pollution…

Before (left) and After

…In 1992 he and the British journalist and artist Michael Daley founded ArtWatch International, a nonprofit advocacy organization to monitor the restoration, attribution and international shipment of works of art.

Click here to read The Times obituary by Michael Daley, director of ArtWatch, UK.

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