Greek and Roman Galleries Reopen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis, ca. 300 B.C.  

The Hellenistic, Etruscan, and Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art will reopen this month on April 20th, after a thirty year renovation.  Visit the gallery website for more information or see the New York Times Interactive Tour of the Gallery.

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  1. I look at your work, list of readings, class descriptions, PURPOSE, and I know that I am in the presence of not only a Great artist but also an intellect and creative genius that transports the viewer/person/me to another world.

    Speechless…I cannot imagine being able to present/share with the world so much beauty. My aim at this point is to grow towards being able to express my feelings, intuitive at this point.

    I can barely take it all in at this point.


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